AquaDrain Lochwinkel

Perforated screed angle bracket for connections to AquaDrain® drain grates and can be used as a gravel bar.

For use as part of the AquaDrain® FLEX drain grate system for AquaDrain® EK capillary passive drainage system for external tiling.

The AquaDrain® Lochwinkel perforated screed angle ensures the drainage mortar does not fall into and block the drain grate.

Composition: high dipped galvanized steel or plastic

Dimensions: 50/70mm x 1.000mm (plastic), 30/40mm x 1.000mm (powder coated steel).

  • Available in plastic or hot dipped galvanized steel
  • Can be used in combination with stainless steel drain grates
  • Use Plastic for Drainage Mortar installations and stainless steel for MorTec® DRAIN epoxy screed.
The BAL 25 Year Guarantee
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