Bal Grout

CG1 Tile Grout for Walls

JOINTS: up to 3mm


  • Ceramics/mosaics
  • Dry/wet – interior/exterior
  • Including swimming pools/showers (NOT power showers)

POT LIFE AT 20°C: 60 minutes

SETS IN: 24 hours

COLOURS: White (all sizes); Ivory (3.5kg/1.5kg); Grey (3.5kg only)

  • Water/frost-resistant
  • Add BAL Admix GT1 to enable extra applications
TILE SIZES: 150x150x5.5mm 200x200x5.5mm
with JOINT WIDTH: 2mm 2mm
SIZES: 20kg 102.4m² 135.7m²
  10kg 51.2m² 67.9m²
  3.5kg 17.9m² 23.7m²
  1.5kg 7.7m² 10.2m²

NOTE: Water-resistant tile adhesive/tanking required for wet applications

The BAL 25 Year Guarantee
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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
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Product Data Sheet
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