DiProtec AB-KV

Self-adhesive sealing tape for jointing balcony profiles and sealing membranes.

An integral part of the Gutjahr external tiling system, DiProtec® AB-KV self-sealing adhesive tape technology ensures that balcony edge profiles are seamlessly connected with cement-based waterproof coatings such as BAL TANK-IT to create a permanent seal.  Half of the sealing tape is attached to the edge profile, while the other half is connected to the corresponding seal.

Composition:   Underside butyl (self-adhesive). Top 75mm plastic/ 75mm fleece.

Colour: Grey.

Size: 150mm.

Pack size: 20m roll.

  • Easy to apply, pre-fabricated sealing tape for Gutjahr external tiling systems.
  • No priming needed.
  • Use for easy connection of BAL Tank-it waterproof membrane to ProFin® DP drainage profiles.
  • Self-adhesive. Plastic side on profile, fleece side to connect with membrane.
  • Only to use in combination with drainage mat systems.
The BAL 25 Year Guarantee
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