Rapidset Flexible Fibre – NEW

Highly Flexible and Rapid-setting Tile Adhesive for Walls & Floors with extended open & working times


  • Most tile types, including porcelain, natural stone, rigid foam insulating materials and brick slips
  • Suitable for most substrates/backgrounds, including those with limited movement/vibration and for underfloor heating
  • Dry/wet / interior/exterior
  • Including showers/swimming pools/total immersion
  • 3 times longer open-time than most rapidsets; apply to larger areas to reduce installation time
  • 2 times longer working-time than most rapidsets; allows larger mixes, and avoids waste
  • Rapid-setting: grout after just 3 hours
  • FST formulation: excellent flexibility and strength
  • Ideal for use with large format, translucent stone and glass tiles
  • Suitable for most installations subject to limited vibration, shrinkage, deflection and heated screeds

POT LIFE AT 20°C: 60 minutes

GROUT AFTER: 3 hours

COLOURS: Grey and White


How will I benefit from longer open and working times?

Apply over larger areas
Apply adhesive to larger areas with no fear of it skinning over too quickly to reduce installation time and allowing easier tile adjustment.

Save time and money!
Fix more tiles fast with bigger mixes, avoiding stopping and starting and avoiding costly waste from adhesive that ‘goes-off’ too soon.
Rapidset Flexible Fibre - 2x coverage

BAL Fibre Strand Technology – Innovation that never stops

All FST adhesives have been specially developed using technology to combine the use of certain microfibres with high-quality fillers to ensure unparalleled strength and flexibility – even with extended open times – as well as providing the ultimate consistency and ease-of-application.
Rapidset Flexible Fibre - 2x coverage

SIZE: 20kg 10.0m2 8.0m2 5.3m2
The BAL 25 Year Guarantee
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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
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